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Terry Craggs standing at a front door

“I knew that I wanted to stop for good. But with 40 years smoking, I was worried that I might go back to it and wanted help to stay stopped.”

A COVID-19 scare left 68-year-old Terry concerned for his health. After spending a week in hospital on oxygen, he was determined not to go back to smoking and so asked his GP for help.

“I went into hospital with breathing difficulties in March. I had to stay in for a week and they had me on oxygen the whole time. Thankfully, the test for COVID-19 came back negative and I could go home once my breathing improved.

“Although I could smoke when I came out, I knew that I wanted to stop for good. But, with 40 years smoking, I was worried that I might go back to it and wanted help to stay stopped.

“A long time ago, I was in hospital for six months. I couldn’t smoke the whole time I was there; they couldn’t find the trouble with me, it wasn’t breathing that time. When I came out, I started again. It’s different this time. I have to go and get my lungs checked for COPD, so I don’t want to start again, I was more determined this time.

“My doctor prescribed patches and a stop smoking inhalator that looked like a tab. I couldn’t use that in the end because of a separate infection but I did use the patches.

“I have smoked all my life, around 40 cigarettes a day. Well, that was until I stopped buying packs and started rolling my own, then you really stop counting. Before I retired, I was a mechanic. Even if your hands were manky black you lit a tab and smoked it. With the other lads you ended up smoking more, you’d offer each other, and you would take one even if you didn’t want it.

“I stopped a couple of months ago, in March. I am on 7mg patches now, the small ones. I am half-way through and once I am done with this pack then I will be finished. I had my oxygen checked recently and they were high which is good. I am hoping that there will be no lasting damage.

“Some things work for some people and others for other people. So, it is just a matter of trying and cutting down and eventually you get to the point that you don’t need them. You wake up in the morning and you don’t want one.

“My wife is happy that I’ve quit. You notice the money straight away! We will probably save it up and go on holiday, not this year but once COVID is over, something in the future to look forward to.”

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